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A Perspective on Disruptive Innovation

The world is subject to a constant change, and thus the innovation cycle increases with the time too.

Today, a new term called ‘Disruption’ has entered the prevailing businesses lexicon. The disruptive innovation has gained the considerable prevalence among the industrialist despite widespread misunderstanding of its core principles. All the SMEs and even the big companies are positively responding to the innovation. More often the innovations are based on the technical advances or competitor successes. Many enterprises believe in sustaining innovation for the better version of their products.

Companies keep various opportunities wide-open for disruptive innovation to take place. Especially the ones that bring a radical idea or a new process. This entitles to ease in product usage while its affordability attracts potential customers.

Well, the disruptive innovation is often driven by need and resources. Today, it is seen that new products and business models can have a profound impact on established practices and markets. To name a few, here are some examples of the disruptive innovation that include cell phones vs land lines, online learning vs physical brick-and-mortar schools, etc. Some other trending example is the rising popularity of e-cigarettes vs tobacco, and related products such as e-juice which allows individual customization.

Disruptive innovations that take a share of the market can deliver growth opportunities to companies that adapt to new and leading trends. Taking this high growth into consideration, we at Insights Success has brought its readers with a new issue called, ‘The 10 Companies with Most Disruptive Innovation, 2019.’